bleed advertising


August 26, 2023 Jacque Moodley & Ryan Whyte
bleed advertising
Show Notes

What do you get when you put two Art Directors, a Copywriter and a Designer in a room with four microphones?

I wish this was a joke, but it actually happened. The following recording is the result of the aforementioned question. Join Che Newman, Siya Tyali, Jacque Moodley and Ryan Whyte as they attempt to give lessons in advertising. These men might be fully developed in a physical sense, but in emotional and intellectual terms, they remain very much arrested in a state of adolescence.

#bleedadvertising #adlife #agencylife

Featured guests:

Che Newman - @two.che

Siya Tyali - @mattesilver

Hosted by:

Jacque Moodley - @falcone_beats

Ryan Whyte - @yumkaiyan

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